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Physiotherapy For Knee Pain

Are you experiencing knee pain from exercise? Knee pain from Running?

Surgery may not be the only solution to your knee pain! Physiotherapy offers a host of non-invasive solutions that can help you to heal without chronic pain and other complications. Our experts trained in musculoskeletal and neurological problems can help to assess the root cause of your pain and help you prescribe exercises to improve your mobility.

Our physical therapists are licensed professionals that employ a variety of methods to help ease your muscle and joint pain as well as strengthen your muscles, bringing relief and allowing your body to move better. Depending on the cause of your problem, sometimes all you need is physical therapy, you might not even need surgery!

When should you consult a doctor?
  • When the knee pain persist for more than 6 weeks
  • When it feels different than a usual muscle ache after exercise
  • When there was an incident where you may have gotten injured, e.g. tackled by someone in football
  • When it is stopping you from doing your usual activities especially after 4-6 weeks
  • Unable to bear weight, resulting in pain or bruising
  • Worsened swelling and/or redness even with rest and icing 
  • Being unable to move the joint at all
  • Other accompanying symptoms such as fever
What are some causes of Knee Pain?

Common causes of knee injuries and knee pain are: 

  • traumatic (e.g. sports injury)
  • wear & tear 
  • muscle weakness
  • muscle tightness
  • overuse
  • biomechanical dysfunction
  • referred pain from the hip joint or lower back

What can a physiotherapist do FOR THE pain at the back of the knee?

Knee Pain Treatment Singapore


1. Conduct an accurate diagnosis of your condition: Not all pain and injury require surgery. In many cases, physical therapy treatment is all you may need.

2. Bring Pain Relief: Our physiotherapists are trained to provide an arsenal of treatments, including manual therapy such as massage and joint mobilisations; Video movement analysis; exercise therapy; ESWT(shockwave therapy); Hydrotherapy

3. Recommend Exercises: After analysing your biomechanics to identify what is driving the symptoms, our physiotherapists will recommend a tailored exercise plan to rebuild your strength at a comfortable level.

Our Treatments FOR KNEE PAIN


Joint Mobilization

Soft Tissue Release

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint

If you need a remedy for your Knee Pain, look no further!

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