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At Rehab Paradigm, we pride ourselves in being compassion-driven therapists. We strive to promote recovery, independence, mental strength and confidence in our patients. Through our diverse specialties, mobile rehab services and community outreach programmes, we aim to help you overcome the barriers to optimal health.
Samantha Sow
Special interest:   Vestibular  |  Cardiac  |  Pulmonary  |  Acute and subacute respiratory care  |  Tracheostomy care

Since 2011, I have been working as a physiotherapist, and developed a strong interest in cardiopulmonary care. Thereafter, I was heavily involved in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) care and outpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Upon seeing these cases and the reasons behind the admissions, I realised that many of these can actually be prevented if intervened appropriately and timely. It also dawned on me that there is a lapse in healthcare, especially to the group that is unable to travel out of the house independently or easily without special transport services or equipment to seek help.

That is the trigger of my passion and the setup of this company. In hopes that by providing the necessary care to this group of people, quality of life can be improved largely through keeping them within the community and not in the hospitals.

Joseph Chan
Special interest:   Sports  |  Musculoskeletal  |  Neurogeri  |  Sports Taping  |  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular  |  Facilitation  |  Clinical Pilates  |  Hydrotherapy

I have worked as a Physiotherapist since 2009. I have gained experience in various aspects of physiotherapy, spending years in geriatric, cardiac and especially in sports and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. These experience gave me confidence and flexibility in home or on-site therapy, since a physiotherapist needs to be able to assess and treat all sorts of issues in the community.

Having seen the healthcare system and cultures in the UK where patients can be independent and mobile even at 90+ years old with the appropriate support, I would like to use Rehab Paradigm as a platform to help change the way community health is viewed in Singapore currently: Hence, Rehab Paradigm.

Tay Hung Yong
Special interest in Geriatrics  |  Community Rehabilitation  |  Cardiac Rehabilitation

After my fitness coach introduced me to physiotherapy, I applied for an attachment in the hospital. That experience determined my career choice as it gave me great satisfaction to help patients recover. I have practised in a hospital and non-profit organisation setting for 19 years since graduating in 2001. My interest in exercise therapy and cardiac rehabilitation has led to my pursuit of a Masters in Preventive Cardiology from Imperial College London. Thereafter, I managed the cardiac rehabilitation programme (CRP) in the National University Hospital Singapore (NUHS) and Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), where I cared for patients who suffer from heart conditions and other chronic diseases.

My passion motivated me to manage and expand the CRP at SHF from one centre to three centres. The programme benefitted more than 2,000 patients. I was also intrigued to research on the outcome measures of CRP to improve its care, which had led to publishing SHF’s first paper on cardiac rehabilitation in 2016.

I fully embrace the concept of primary prevention, hence I often encourage family members to join the programme with my patients. This is something I hope to achieve with our mobile therapy here, where patients can recover better with peer support at their chosen comfortable setting.

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We work closely with other specialists and allied health professionals to ensure a holistic management of our patients.

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